Thursday, August 03, 2006

Perdido Beach Florida

Fanny Deblock :

Is algebra the easiest type of maths

Carol White :

No. Arithmetic is.

Carla Harvey :

no way!!!! its not!!!!

Flora Barillaro :

Yes, algebra is super easy. Believe me, I'm 13 aand it's easy.

Tomomi Asano :

algebra is very easy part of maths.

Joy Thompson :

just some tricks can get you to top.

Jennifer Hammon :

there is no tidious calculations no manupulations and no trial and error answers.

Shanna McCullough :

algebra is very useful for engineering.

Lisa Mcintosh :

so you should take better interest in algebra.

Carol Bilger :

just practise it you will master it.

Lara-Joy Korner :

I'm not sure if it's the easiest, but it's pretty darn easy. Especially since most teachers will let you use calculators in algebra class, so you don't have to do any tedious calculations, just shuffle symbols around. I don't understand how anyone could fail algebra.

Kyoko Nakamura :

Algebra is the type of Mathematics which has application in all other branches of Mathematics as well as in all branches of Science. Algebra, to me, is very easy but to some other people is a tough subject. To learn Algebra you have to understand that the symbols (like a,b,c,x,y,z etc.) can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided and the laws (associative, distributive, etc.) are also applicable to these like they are applicable in Arithmetic.

Solange Nguyen :

Easy is relative. Work hard, practise, it will become easy.

Elena Meiner :

It is, it is. Just think a bit, and you can solve almost any problem with algebra

Emma-Jane Mezher :

are u kidding me algerbra is the esist and im only 11 its easy

Angie Barea :

algebra actually is a generalization of thoery and operations on symbols, as a mathematical tool. there are algebra for real numbers, vectors, complex quantity, logic, almost everything. you can build an algebraic system over a set and a defined rule of operations on symbols. in this sense algebra is nothing but a mathematical tool or a "mathematical language", its the basic for most mathematics.

Hayley Keenan :

There is a subject "Abstract Algebra" which defines the Algebra. This subject may not be that much easy !!

Yasmina Djaballah :

the algebra taught in schools are "general" algebra about real numbers. i.e variables discussed take real one dimensional values. and we formulate and solve our day to day life problems using it. in that sense it is easy. actually in all algebra, our problem is same -- find some expression or simplify an expression using the defined rules or find a solution to an equation. in this sense, how much easy algebra is -- there is no simple answer to the question. because it depends on the problem you are discussing.there is no limit of easyness and hardness in algebra. any problem can be surprisingly hard. in that case it depends on your attacking strategy and experience.

Gail Dahms :

all mathematics can't be formulated as algebra. see, you can't use the language of algebra to define Euclidean Geometry or Number theory or Discrete Math precisely.

Keyla Wood :

Because most of the cases, these mathematics have no definite rules for solving problems. For example, you can't

Madelyn Night :

formulate prime numbers and for a prime number problem, you don't have any rule about where to start. Same about Discrete math or Graph Theory.

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Aleksandra Kaniak :

What started the scuffle between germany and argentina

Jennie Garth :

sore losers

Michelle Wolff :

European Corrupts

Elke Winkens :

Not sore losers did u notice they were fighting during the game 2?

Jane Wyatt :

FIFA is investigating the videos they say they can penalise like 3 argentinians for the obvious reactions that everybody saw, but also German Players likeTorsten Frings, and others + manager Oliver Bierhoff

Heidi von Palleske :

accused of starting silly gestures and insults before that.

Joyce Jillson :

It's been reported that Argentinian players were allegedly shouting abuse at the German penalty takers as they walked towards the goal to take their spot an attempt to put them off. Apparently after the kicks were taken a German player told them to 'be quiet'..or something like that...

Juliet Aubrey :

thats right pires...if were in the dog house, frings cant play the next two games, cuz the italians say he punched cruz into the face...its just interesting that cruz said nobody punched him...frings said people were rioting aroung him so he held his arms up to protect his head and face...we will see tomorrow afternoon...

Morganna :

The Germans say Argentina was making gestures, and the Argentines say the Germans were making gestures and then when Cambiasso started crying they made fun of him for missing the penalty. I have no idea where you can find a complete video, since both sides will probably edit it to show only what they want you to see. From what I understand, German TV only showed the Argentines attacking.

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Patricia Vico :

does anyone think that karaoke is dead

Carla Harvey :


Ann Catrin Sudhoff :

yes,the people who listened died too.Their ears exploded.

Geraldine Sherman :


Emmanuelle Beart :

karaoke will never be dead as long as i live... it can be alive everywhere if you sing along to songs that you know and like. it doesn't matter if you're good - it only matters if you enjoy it. I find that people in stores hardly ever get mad or annoyed when i sing because they can tell im really into it, and they like to see someone enjoying life. so dont feel embarrassed about doing it - keep karoake alive, maybe someone else will want to join you if they know and love the song as well

Mary Jo Randle :

no, in fact i went to a karaoke party the other day...

Kylie Bax :

NOOO NEVER!! I was just at Kareoke tonight. I sang "take it easy" by the Eagles.

Ali Patrick :

Kareoke will never die!!

Rikke Louise Andersson :

i dont do it anymore but they just opened a joint down my road so i dont know lol

Maria Rohm :

Not in the Philippines!!! People will kill each other here to grab the mic from someone hogging it.

Carla Harvey :

We love to sing :)

Lorraine Ansell :

uuuummmm. i don't really know i have never done karaoke i don't have an awful voice but i don't have a good enough voice to do karaoke

Gabrielle Carmouche :

Not at all! In fact, there are many bars that feature karaoke, and think it's popularity has increased, due to reality shows like American Idol. I go to my local bar every week and sing...

Judy Buxton :

No way!!! i LOVE it and it is soo much fun that if it was dead nights at parties would be soo dead!! Its a great way of just letting go of everything and having so much fun even if you cant sing lol

Laura Mana :

Hell, NO!! I sing it all the time - I know several dj's and stop by to sing a couple for the fun of it!

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Isabelle Weingarten :

what is the best song ever written and what does it meen to you

Nan Hamilton :

"Unchained melody" and it makes me fall in love over and over again.

Viola Simoncioni :

too many to decide but my favorite band would be tool, alice in chains, deftones alot more. they all have meaning in their songs and really good ones

Mi-Ran Ra :

Born to be wild- Steppenwolf....It makes me feel I can do anything. Is a really great song

Calista Flockhart :

I was only 19 by redgum is a Anti-war song

Ann Marie :

which has profound feelings & shows the actual grim image of WAR

Ada Tauler :

tears in heaven. The most touching song i have ever heard. Nothing can be sadder than a parent losing a child, especially at such a young age.

Mignon Reme :

'Death-pod' by GWAR. I imagine the scene from 'Starship Troopers' where the soldiers are in the drop-ship falling through a planet's atmosphere so they can kill the enemy.

Anna Falchi :

"one thing" by finger eleven

Sissy Spacek :

My humps, I can sing along to it, rather easily. How bout you? My humps has got rythm, thats what and why I like it! I also listen and and sing to it each day/night. Well I mostly sing to it. And this song is sung by 'the black eyed pease'.

Mimi Felixine :

"Because you loved me" sung by Celine Dion... it sums up all i want to tell my guy for all the things he has done for me and in our relationship... it may sound cheezy, but hey, that's what love is all about! :)

Hilde Van Mieghem :

dust in the wind by kansas. It reminds me that no matter how big you get in life we are all small parts of one great thing

Mineko Mori :

I think that the best song ever written is from Beatles -Let it be.It is special to me,because it has a message in it.I think that the Beatles started rock and roll,and that this song is a beginning to it.I don't know how to explain,but when I am tired from everything,I listen ti this song and it gives me motivation to move on.Hey,you didn't answer what is,in your opinion,the best song ever written!Please,do tell.I am interested.

Hilde Dalik :

P.S.I like Wild thing,Make me smile,Love me tender,Born to be wild...

Paola Liguori :

My immortal :" I'm so tired of being here" it's my feeling!

Desislava Tenekedjieva :

"Wonderwall" by Oasis. It's a great song (I'd love to say that I wrote it), and it was my friends favourite song before she passed away.

Avital Dicker :

The Color Of Love by Billy Ocean. I worked at a plant called Sonopress, which used to be RCA. I first heard this song there. I was running the tape of this on 4 machines and putting it on cassettes when I saw my future husband for the very first time. We dated 6 months and got married February 14, 1989, 17 years ago this year :0) Every time I hear this song it makes me cry thinking back on that day we first saw each other.

Amy Adams :

Countdown by Pulp

Ziggy Zanger :

It means a lot to me.

Veronique Genest :

Read lyrics:

Arabella Weir :

Melonie Diaz :

Esp. the one written by Roger Waters(ex-Pink Floyd).Umm, such as Amused to Death

Kim Lemanton :

Props to whoever said Redgum. Personally, I'd have to say Let Down by Radiohead. Things will always get better, no matter how bad they seem now.

Amanda Strang :

my humps by the most talented band of musicians in the universe. NOT! that song is possibly the worst of all time. probably the best song ever was written by someone none of us has ever heard of because record companies waste their time and ours with pure excrement such as my humps.

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Reira Misaki :

If you had a choice between Dixie Chicks or Charlie Daniels to represent USA who would you pick and why

Juliana Kinkaid :

Charlie Daniels and I'm not telling why.

Andrea Albani :

I'd pick dixie chickz with some jack daniels, at the bottom of the bottle,it would'nt matter

Karina Kraushaar :

Dixie Chicks! Dixie Chicks have big breasts! Charlie Daniels has none!

Louise Duby :

I don't know if Charlie Daniels is a Republican or Democrat but if he's a Republican aren't you just asking everyone what their political orientation is?

Emmanuelle Beart :

Dixie Chicks.

Alix Koromzay :

Charlie Daniels, he is much more talented, respectful, and tectful with his messages.

Petronella :

If the Dixie Chicks don't like president, that's fine,.. but you don't go to another country and bash him to a whole other country. you are there as a representative of America, Act it!!

Marika Taylor :

that's no better than all of the people in this country who are disrespectful to our soldiers because they don't agree with the cause. Our soldiers are doing their Job,.. whether they like it or not

Sabine Bail :

Charlie Daniels. At least he didn't say he was ashamed that the President was from Texas.

Maria Rohm :

Charlie Daniels-he loves this country and isn't ashamed to say it!

Melissa Mountifield :

DIXIE CHICKS 1,000%......So f*ucking what they said they don't like our dopey president. I don't like him either. They have a right to say what they feel Us "regular" people do everyday and we don't get death threats. I do believe that poor natalie's timing was a little off and she was in a different country which doesn't show much "balls" on her part. They are very talented and I still love them and will continue to support them and buy their music. They made a remark that wasn't well thought out but still does not make it any less TRUE............And natalie never said she hated her country she said she was ashamed of the person in charge of it. I AGREE WITH HER

Mathilda May :

Charlie Daniels of course! I'm currently looking into producing Urnal Stickers with the Dixie Chicks Picture on them.

Lou Doillon :

I would have to say since those are my only choices I will choose Charlie Daniels. He is more respectful of the United States than the Dixie Chicks seem to be.

Catherine Zeta-Jones :

Dixie Chicks. They're not afraid to stand up to the Bush administration, Charlie Daniels and other like to "show the flag" but then complain about the conditions of the Country. Didn't they know if they the Republicians control all three branches of Government, this is what we get? With everything going downhill in our country, how can Daniels and all those right wing talk jocks blame Democrats?

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Isela Vega :

How can you copywrite and publish your own music for free

Laura Prepon :

im not sure how, but i highly doubt it's free.

Suzan Spann :

I don't think you can do it for free, persay, but you may be able to find someone to do it for a small fee. Copywriting always cost $$ though, that is seperate. But get your own equipment to lay down your tracks on, maybe someone will do the rest of the legwork for you, if it's good.

Angel Boris :

There are 2 questions here.

Yan Nam :

1. How Can I Copyright My Music?

Candice Leigh Bauman :

In the US and UK, you own the copyright to your music once you fix it in a tangible form i.e. write it down (lyrics and words) or record it. You of course need to be able to prove this. In many instances, people will record thier music, make a copy of the lyrics and mail it to themselves by recorded delivery. Obviously this must remain unopened and be stored somewhere safe in case anyone ever claimed ownersip of music you had written. Ideally store the unopened package with a lawyer.

Ruth Gemmell :

2. Logos are are lot more expensive and difficult to protect. Essentialy it would fall under the description of a "trademark". The law differes from country to country and I would suggest that the logo will be the least of your worries.

Jeannie Elias :

I would recommend you read "All You Need To Know About the Music Business" by Donald S. Passman. It tells you most of what you need to know and is a great read.

Eva Derrek :

All the best

Lavinia Wilson :


All I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Sunset Thomas :

the band blink182

Lilli Hollunder :

no, I think it's Matchbox 20

Donna Neuwirth :

Flagpole sitta- Harvey Danger completely different band

Rebecca Romijn :

here are the rest of the lyrics

Vicki Zhao :

*Flagpole Sitta*

Ariane Kah :

i had visions, i was in them

Jill Arrington :

i was looking into the mirror

Maxine Casson :

to see a little bit clearer

Ann Bell :

rottenness and evil in me

Carol Needham :

fingertips have memories

Michelle Lintel :

mine can't forget the curves of your body

Katheryn Winnick :

and when i feel a bit naughty

Prunella Ransome :

i run it up the flagpole and see who salutes

Muffy :

(but no one ever does)

Natascia Paolucci :

i'm not sick but i'm not well

Robin McCaffrey :

and i'm so hot cause i'm in hell

Paula Sorenson :

been around the world and found

Laurence Treil :

that only stupid people are breeding

Katy Hill :

the cretins cloning and feeding

Katharina Schubert :

and i don't even own a tv

Ina Balint :

put me in the hospital for nerves

Cecilie Thomsen :

and then they had to commit me

Annabelle Larsen :

you told them all i was crazy

Kim Lankford :

they cut off my legs now i'm an amputee, god damn you

Yuki Amami :

i'm not sick but i'm not well

Stephanie Anderson :

and i'm so hot cause i'm in hell

Kim-Young Soon :

i'm not sick but i'm not well

Corinne Dacla :

and it's a sin to live so well

Barbara Anne Klein :

i wanna publish zines

Jean Harlow :

and rage against machines

Catherine Bach :

i wanna pierce my tongue

Maribel Verdu :

it doesn't hurt, it feels fine

Juliet Aubrey :

the trivial's sublime

Diane Parish :

i'd like to turn off time

Savannah :

and kill my mind, you kill my mind

Stephanie Chambers :

paranoia paranoia

Ginger Lynn Allen :

everybody's coming to get me

Valentine Vidal :

just say you never met me

Arlene Cockburn :

i'm going underground with the moles

Alice Davis :

hear the voices in my head

Catharina Conti :

i swear to god it sounds like they're snoring

Nuria Espert :

but if you're bored then you're boring

Julie Marboeuf :

the agony and the irony, they're killing me

Mareike Malina Lindenmeyer :

i'm not sick but i'm not well

Bonnie Root :

and i'm so hot cause i'm in hell

Pam Grier :

i'm not sick but i'm not well

Lisa Maria Potthoff :

and it's a sin to live so well

Monica Talma :

if these are the lyrics than it's by LIT:::

Caprice Bourret :

I had visions, I was in them

Mildred Von Heildegard :

I was looking into the mirror

Nadia Mansouri :

To see a little bit clearer

Corinne Bourdon :

The rottenness and evil in me

Leslie Eve :

Fingertips have memories

Giovanna Giuliani :

Mine can't forget the curves of your body

Mel Lisboa :

And when I feel a bit naughty

Maggie Lawson :

I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes

Marsha Mason :

(but no one ever does)

Gwyneth Strong :

I'm not sick but I'm not well

Julie Strain :

And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell

Vanessa Angel :

Been around the world and found

Cynthia Nixon :

That only stupid people are breeding

Candela Pena :

The cretons cloning and feeding

Sue Kiel :

And I don't even own a tv

Bik Wing Chung :

Put me in the hospital for nerves

Amy Adams :

And then they had to commit me

Dori Courtney :

You told them all I was crazy

Bik Wing Chung :

They cut off my legs now I'm an amputee, goddamn you

Sarah Pratt :

I'm not sick but I'm not well

Kathryn Zenna :

And I'm so hot cause i'm in hell

Meredith Scott Lynn :

I'm not sick but I'm not well

Rita Jenrette :

And it's a sin to live so well

Adelaide de Sousa :

I wanna publish zines

Manuela Martelli :

And rage against machines

Lainie Kazan :

I wanna pierce my tongue

Julia Hummer :

It doesn't hurt, it feels fine

Linda Hutton :

The trivial sublime

Emma Adele Galvin :

I'd like to turn off time

Clara Furey :

And kill my mind

Yan Nam :

You kill my mind

Samantha Eggar :

Paranoia paranoia

Daniela Denby-Ashe :

Everybody's coming to get me

Lavinia Wilson :

Just say you never met me

Sarita Choudhury :

Im running under ground with the moles

Helen Woo :

(Diggin big holes)

Yoshiko Waki :

Hear the voices in my head

Rebecca Mosselmann :

I swear to god it sounds like they're snoring

Lynne Adams :

But if you're bored then you're boring

Yvette Le Grand :

The agony and the irony, they're killing me

Vida Garman :

I'm not sick but I'm not well

Daniela Costa :

And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell

Thais Valdes :

I'm not sick but I'm not well

Keyla Wood :

And it's a sin to live so well

Nao Oikawa :

no its called 'plagpole sitta' by Harvey Danger. It appears on the American Pie Soundtrack. Here's the lyrics, hope this is the right one!!!

Kerry Mack :

I had visions, I was in them,

Amy Adams :

I was looking into the mirror

Isabelle Candelier :

To see a little bit clearer

Tracy Waterhouse :

The rottenness and evil in me

Gogo Rojo :

Fingertips have memories,

Patsy Kensit :

Mine can?t forget the curves of your body

Hye-yeong Jo :

And when I feel a bit naughty

Allison Smith :

I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes

Viktoriya Smirnova :

(But no one ever does)

Carla Harvey :

I?m not sick, but I?m not well

Amy Stewart :

and I?m so hot ?cause I?m in hell

Linh Dan Pham :

Been around the world and found

Paula Kalenberg :

That only stupid people are breeding

Heidrun Hankammer :

The cretins cloning and feeding

Tracy Spindola :

And I don?t even own a TV

Jessica Lee :

Put me in the hospital for nerves

Scarlett McAlister :

And then they had to commit me

Stephanie Champlin :

You told them all I was crazy

Michi :

They cut off my legs now I?m an amputee, Goddamn you

Montse Guallar :

I?m not sick, but I?m not well

Kay Lenz :

And I?m so hot cause I?m in hell

Cyndi Mason :

I?m not sick, but I?m not well

Claire Skinner :

And it?s a sin to live so well

Marisol Barradas :

I wanna publish ?zines

Yolanda Lievana :

And rage against machines

Anne Steffens :

I wanna pierce my tongue

Jennie Lynn :

It doesn?t hurt, it feels fine

Tricia Vessey :

The trivial sublime

Jamie Ridpathe :

I?d like to turn off time

Dervla Kirwan :

And kill my mind

Serena Autieri :

You kill my mind

Nikolina Kujaca :


Deborah Geffner :

Paranoia, paranoia

Birke Tan :

Everybody?s comin? to get me

Marine Delterme :

Just say you never met me

Judy Robinson :

I?m runnin? underground with the moles

Tracey Mann :

Diggin? in holes

Carrie Flaska :

Hear the voices in my head

Patty Duffek :

I swear to God it sounds like they?re snoring

Deborah Brayshaw :

But if you?re bored then you?re boring

Mirjana Karanovic :

The agony and the irony, they?re killing me, whoa!

Anne Dudek :

I?m not sick, but I?m not well

Niesha Butler :

And I?m so hot cause I?m in hell

Barbara Kottmeier :

I?m not sick, but I?m not well

Veronique Balme :

And it?s a sin to live this well

Dolorian :

crap, when i entered this, there was no other answers but the first one, sorry.

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Kirstine Carlstrand :

how many of u people hate paris hiltons singing and think she should just quite

Silvia Sorrente :

I cant stand the beotch she should quit she sucks

Julie Horvath :

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i could never stand her

Eva Kryll :

she should just quit everything, its not like she needs the money...

Ashley Giancola :

i hate everything about her worthless anhorexic existence.

Maria Bertrand :

paris hilton is hot! and your not

Iben Hjejle :

She needs to stick to Porn.

Tuva Novotny :

I don't like her singing, or her perfumes, her acting in fact I don't like her at all. Only because she is rich and famous I don't even think she is beautiful. Frankly I don't like her I think there are much more talented people out there that should have a chance, this person gets everything because she can, like everything in life; it is not fair.

Christine Boisson :

i hate her and now that i know she sings i hate her more

Ai Mei Wong :

I hate her singing, her commercials, her waste-of-airtime TV show, her friends, her friends' friends, her face in every freakin' magazine published, her dog (well, not her dog, the poor thing can't pick it's owner, after all), her fame that she doesn't even deserve....

Anne Andersen :

i always thought she was hot, and her homemade porno was pretty cool.. but I don't care for her new single.. I thought the production was average and the vocals were a bit louder than the music behind her voice..

Carol Schnider :

Yes she sucks, we should sign a petition to have her never show her b.itchy self in public again

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Irina Platon :

What's the name of the song recorded by Dr Hook with a line 'gonna fall right out on the floor;

Karen Eyo :

Silivas Mother

Cristina Airoldi :

A little bit more.

Melissa Behr :

When your body's had enough of me & I'm laying flat out on the floor. When you think I've loved you all i can, I'm gonna love youa little bit more.

Ella Reid :

A Little Bit More

Lavinia Wilson :

When your body's had enough of me

Christine Boisson :

And I'm layin flat out on the floor

Michelle Clunie :

When you think I've loved you all I can

Melissa Michaels :

I'm gonna love you a little bit more

Maggie Lloyd Williams :

Come on over here and lay by my side

Amy Sedaris :

I've got to be touchin you

Anna Forrest :

Let me rub your tired shoulders

Candice Argall :

The way I used to do

Uschi Zech :

Look into my eyes and give me that smile

Noemi Steuer :

The one that always turns me on

Kiana Tom :

And let me take your hair down

Aleksandra Vujcic :

Cause we're stayin up to greet the sun.....

Keyla Wood :

And when your body's had enough of me

Sophia Crawford :

And I'm layin flat out on the floor

Jennifer Van Dyck :

When you think I've loved you all I can

Tracy Scoggins :

I'm gonna love you a little bit more

April Bowlby :

Got to say a few things that have been on my mind

Heather Thomas :

And you know where my mind has been

Kelly Reilly :

I guess I learned my lessons

Crystal LaPrie :

And now's the time to begin

Fanny Kowalewski :

So if you're feelin allright and you're ready for me

Lesa Stene :

I know that I'm ready for you

Christiane Ohliger :

We better get it on now

Marika Dominczyk :

Cause we got a whole life to live through.....

Emmanuelle Beart :

And when your body's had enough of me

Ai Mei Wong :

And I'm layin flat on the floor

Chelan Simmons :

When you think I've loved you all I can

Leisha Hailey :

I'm gonna love you a little bit more

Milan Murray :

And when your body's had enough of me

Kestie Morassi :

And I'm layin flat out on the floor......

Lavinia Wilson :

here 's a web site for dr. hook lyrics

Jennifer Steele :

California Highway 1

Joey DuPrez :

What are the lyrics to Ms New Booty Remix

Melanie Lynskey :

[Intro: Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx]

Khandi Alexander :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Jennifer Langdon :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Marlee Matlin :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Joie Addison :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Analia Ivars :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Lavinia Wilson :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Tressa DiFiglia :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Petra Maria Gruhn :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Cindy Pena :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

Linda Lay :

[1st verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]

Giovanna Di Bernardo :

Girl I don't need you, but chu need me

Lucia Ramirez :

Take it off, let if flop, shake it freely

Mayu Ozawa :

And I don't tell stories, I let em tell theyself

Lavinia Wilson :

And you aint gotta sell sex, girl, it sells itself, Like nothing else

Raquel Gonzalez :

Yeah I'm a country boy, but that big city bottom fill me up with joy

Alexa Davalos :

Aint life grand (life's grand) livin up daddy

Luanne Roberts :

Here go da whisper song, baby this is us ready?

Stephanie Kindermann :

Put it on me enthusiastically, what ever it is that chu do, you do it admirably

Neriah Davis :

And I aint choose it, that thang chose me

Gina Ravera :

Its bubba and ying yang, all the way in this thang

Elga Sorbas :


Stephanie Chartre :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Carol Shaya :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Laurence Gormezano :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Katrina Maltby :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Baelyn Neff :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Diane Pedersen :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Amy Adams :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Heidi Christine :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Victoria Deutschmann :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

Jenny Strovas :

[2nd Verse]

Yutte Stensgaard :

Quarter to twelve and we just getting in

Margot Abascal :

Bubba gonna make ya spark wit da Ying Yang Twins

Kiva :

Sippin on patron, blong blong blong

Assumpta Serna :

Shawdy in a thong, whom whom whom

Minna Haapkyla :


Tamela DAmico :

Get that thang shakin, like she frost bit shivering

Simone Kerrick :

Ass be delivering, all type of flashes, cashes

Susan Rome :

Got these hoes shaking that molasses

Amy Adams :


Demi Moore :

Let me whisper in your ear

Tanya Roberts :

Get your self together go and buy some new gear

Barbara Capell :

Something with your hair den

Caroline Paterson :

Hit da club, shake ya ass and da brothuhz gonna sho some love

Susanna East :

Do that move ya did just a minute ago

Mary Kate Ryan :

I guarantee you'll make all da dough

Gabrielle Reidy :

So gon do ya thing baby, work what chu got, to get what chu want

Esther Studer :

Make that money, don't let it make u

Anke Sevenich :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Kimberly Taylor :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Audrey Landers :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Makiko Kuno :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Patsy Kensit :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Chung-Ching Wong :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Allegra Curtis :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Claudia Ramirez :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Molly Ringwald :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

Sondra Locke :

[3rd Verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]

Cornelia Kondgen :

hi there, how are things?

Joy Kelly :

I once was breast man now it seems

Michelle Forbes :

Ever since I had the pleasure

Laloni :

of getting you together, your chest is just whatever

Carla Harvey :

I found the buried treasured

Kitty :

Yes ma'am, heres the plan

Alicia Lagano :

Meet me over yonder ok- don't play

Yoima Valdes :

Ill bring the whip whoop, you bring your cook book

Liza Weil :

And ima fix that stuff up, everything is good good

Christiane Hagemann :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Carla Harvey :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Jessica Hahn :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Annie Friedman :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Louise Treamont :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Irini Tripkou :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Elisabeth Lanz :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Alice Carel :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Tamela DAmico :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

Julie Gray :

Ms. New Booty

Laetitia Chardonnet :

Ying Yang Twins

Maureen LaVette :

(feat. Bubba Sparxx)

Christine Boisson :

[Intro: Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx]

Charley Fouquet :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Akiko Kana :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Amaliya Mordvinova :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Amy Adams :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Edwige Feuillere :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Janet Taylor :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Carmen Di Pietro :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Tonya Goodson :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [3x]

Christine Kay :

[1st verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]

Robbi Chong :

Girl I don't need you, but chu need me

Alretha Baker :

Take it off, let if flop, shake it freely

Hetty Baynes :

And I don't tell stories, I let em tell theyself

Barbara Wilkin :

And you aint gotta sell sex, girl, it sells itself, Like nothing else

Jodi Thelen :

Yeah I'm a country boy, but that big city bottom fill me up with joy

Monika M :

Aint life grand (life's grand) livin up daddy

Rufa Mae Quinto :

Here go da whisper song, baby this is us ready?

Kim Richards :

Put it on me enthusiastically, what ever it is that chu do, you do it admirably

Michele Fawdon :

And I aint choose it, that thang chose me

Rebecca Gibney :

Its bubba and ying yang, all the way in this thang

Gio Petre :


Monique Chaumette :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Alice Davis :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Kristin Lenhardt :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Musetta Vander :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Lavinia Wilson :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Suzanne Stone :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Eve Salvail :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Sheila Young :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Valerie Leroy :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [3x]

Alice Davis :

[2nd Verse]

Yuko Amuro :

Quarter to twelve and we just getting in

Maye Tongco :

Bubba gonna make ya spark wit da Ying Yang Twins

Szilvia Bizek :

Sippin on patron, blong blong blong

Natalie McCurry :

Shawdy in a thong, whom whom whom

Lisa Axelrod :


Amanda Abbington :

Get that thang shakin, like she frost bit shivering

Viviane Bartsch :

Ass be delivering, all type of flashes, cashes

Fiona Fullerton :

Got these hoes shaking that molasses

Emmanuelle Beart :


Katie Caple :

Let me whisper in your ear

Beatrice Camurat :

Get your self together go and buy so new care do

Jo Champa :

Something with your hair den

Hope Clarke :

Hit da club, shake ya ass and da brothuhz gonna sho some love

Joanna Lumley :

Do that move ya thing, just a minute ago

Karen Lancaume :

I guarantee you'll make all da dough

Melissa Sefrani :

So gon do ya thing baby, work what chu got, to get what chu want

Joanne Kelly :

I aint dat money, don't let it make u

Joanna Cassidy :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Stefania DAmario :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Chloe Hunter :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Alexandra Nahoum :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Juliette Mills :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Heather Thomas :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Candace Cameron Bure :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Ronnie Bierman :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Kazuko Yoshiyuki :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [3x]

Jessica Osfar :

[3rd Verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]

Rocio Durcal :

hi there, how are things?

Charity James :

I once was breast man now it seems

Michele Little :

Ever since I had the pleasure

Adrienne Sachs :

of getting you together, your chest is just whatever

Heike Makatsch :

I found the buried treasured

Tally Chanel :

Yes ma'am, heres the plan

Glorya De Lani :

Meet me over yonder ok- don't play

Susan Prior :

Ill bring the whip whoop, you bring your cook book

Julia Ormond :

And ima fix that stuff up, everything is good good

Paulette Breen :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Kaori Shimamura :

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]

Christine Boisson :

Rockin' everywhere [2x]

Shayna Lee :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Linda Bond :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Lauren German :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Marie Desgranges :

Hit the playas club for about month or 2

Monika M :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Kirstine Carlstrand :

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [3x]

Patsy Kensit :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Qi Shu :

Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere [3x]

Gabriela Phillips :

Rockin everywhere [2x]

Aimee Sweet :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Barbara Wussow :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Marketa Rosak :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Ulrike Panse :

Hit the dance club for about month or 2

Candace Glendenning :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Lesley Manville :

Get it right, get it right get it tight [3x]

Kim Koph :

[1st verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]

Alette Dirkse :

Girl I don't need you, but chu need me

Josie Bissett :

Take it off, let if flop, shake it freely

Rosie Fellner :

And I don't tell stories, I let em tell itself

Marina Orsini :

And you aint gotta sell sex, girl, it sells itself, Like nothing else

Lena Stolze :

Yeah I'm a country boy, but that big city bottom fill me up with joy

Barbara Mills :

Aint life grand (life's grand) livin up at it

Manuela Martelli :

Here go da whisper song, baby this is us ready?

Blair Valk :

Put it on me enthusiastically, what ever it is that chu do, you do it abnormally

Shayne :

And I aint choose it, that thang chose me

Anita Caprioli :

Its bubba and ying yang, all the way insane

Lucelia Santos :


Rocio Durcal :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Penny Spencer :

Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere [3x]

Jane March :

Rockin everywhere [2x]

Alma Muriel :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Paola Liguori :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Tane McClure :

Hit the dance club for about month or 2

Masaki Mori :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Thiwa Yuporn :

Get it right, get it right get it tight [3x]

Wendy Benson-Landes :

[2nd Verse]

Adrianne Curry :

Quarter to twelve and we just gettin

Mary Ann Mixon :

Bubba gonna make ya start wit da Ying Yang Twins

Alana Evans :

Sippin off of chrome, blong blong blong

Natalie Lennox :

Shawdy in a thong, whom whom whom

Nikki Schieler Ziering :


Suzee Slater :

Get that thang shakin, like she frost bit shivering

Michele Chiponski :

Ass be delivering, all type of flashes, cashes

Sandra Hess :

Got these hoes shaking that molasses

Robyn Cohen :


Ayu Azhari :

Let me whisper in your ear

Zen :

Get your self together go and buy so new care do

Monique Vita :

Somethin with your hair did

Ai Mei Wong :

Hit da club, shake ya ass and da brothuz gonna sho some love

Maria Probosz :

Do that movie thing, just a minute ago

Corinne Dacla :

I garentee you'll make out till dawn

Svenja Beneke :

Go ahead baby work what chu got, get what chu want

Julia Fischer :

I aint got money, dats not what makes you

Rosario Escobar :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Bik Wing Chung :

Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere [3x]

Peggy Lipton :

Rockin everywhere [2x]

Aida Turturro :

[Bubba Sparxx]

Clara Rainbow :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Theresa Scholze :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Lavinia Wilson :

Hit the dance club for about month or 2

Annekathrin Burger :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Elizabeth Chambers :

Get it right (or ripe), get it right get it tight [3x]

Deborah Fallender :

[3rd Verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]

Lauren German :

Hi there, how are things?

Cathryn Harrison :

I once was breast man now it seems

Kea Wong :

Ever since I had the pleasure

Alexis Summerfield :

Getting you together, your chest is like whatever

Emma Lung :

I found the buried treasured

Ingeborga Dapkunaite :

Yes ma'am, heres the plan

Biliana Petrinska :

Meet me over under don't be late

Meadow Sisto :

Ill bring the whip whoop, you bring your cook book

Sonia Rangan :

And ill fixs that stuff up, everythin will look good

Moe Ishikawa :

[Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)]

Caren Kaye :

Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere [3x]

Adriana Altaras :

Rockin everywhere [2x]

Bobbi Van Eman :

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Maxime Garnier :

I found you MS NEW BOOTY

Sabrina Sidoti :

Get it together and bring it back to me

Olivia Outre :

Hit the dance club for about month or 2

Xuxa Lopes :

Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Charlie Bazire :

Get it right, get it right get it tight [3x]

Deirdre Costello :

i hope i helped you ?

Edgar Allan Poe

Felony :

when is my birthaday

Kate OMara :

Feb 22

Yvonne Reyes :

June 9,1983

Cara Horgan :

August 22nd and that is a Leo and that is my b-day.

Silke Matthias :

Wow. You don't know your birthday?! Sorry. LOL. Um, January...16th?

Moe Ishikawa :

July 6th

Candice Coke :

April 3rd

Keyla Wood :

july 4 1983

Jennifer Stackpole :

May 2

Taraji P Henson :

You must be a Cancer. June 27th.

Alexa Maria Surholt :


McKayla :

july 3, 1983

Kathy Pasmore :


Janet Key :

July 2 1983

Victoria Beckham :

june 15 or maybe ur b day is today... 2nd july

Angela Dodson :

I haven't a clue when your "birthaday" is, but your date of birth is July 4th. Or my second guess is June 9th.

Denise Martin :

Happy Birthday JUJU and Happy Birthday America!

Nadia Vasil :

LABOR DAY! A least it was for your mama!

China Lee :

I'll say my birthday.........May 26th or my deceased sisters is Sept 16th

Yukie Kagawa :

Nov 9

Meagan Mangum :

JAN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Ai Mei Wong :

FEB 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Yan Nam :

MAR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Marina de Van :

APR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Tara Taylor :

MAY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Julie Strain :

JUNE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Andrea Heuer :

JUL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Nora von Waldstatten :

AUG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Pamela Prati :

SEP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Stevie Cameron :

OCT1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Kelly Alane :

NOV 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Cheryl Tiegs :

DEC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Discount Wedding Dress

Vanessa Vaylord :

ANy Syd BArrett Fans here

April Renee :

Hello....he died like forever ago....Wake up!!! Yes his music rocked, but he is dead!!

Allysin Chaynes :

Not sure where he is, but I do know he is alive and well. I'm fascinated by his story while he was with the rest of the band members for that short time. He left, and then out of the blue after years he just walked in to basically say hi.

Ann Neville :

My biggest wish is for David, Roger, Richard, Nick and even Syd doing a full reunion tour.

Karolina Kurkova :

A girl can dream :)

Ariane Schluter :

There was a drastic stylistic change after he left. For my money, a vast improvement. I much prefer how the band evolved w/o him.

Susanne Michel :

Syd Barrett is at home in Cambridgeshire, England. He occasionally ventures out, but mainly is kept to the house where he's said to paint and write literature.

Chantal Bronner :

Jackie Downey :

turtle princess has no idea what she's talking about, unless she thinks Syd Barrett is Marc Bolan (aka T-Rex), but I digress

Carol Needham :

It's on a list of things to do before I die...go to London and find Syd Barrett, I don't care if he's crazy

Punjab Result University

Lea Drucker :

Who's mistake am I anyway

Claudia Mehnert :

I think your avatar has his freakin rain hat on too tight and it has damaged your brain! Make some sense Hydra face!

Keyla Wood :

You are your fathers mistake. He pulled out too late.

Marianne Assouline :

lol...Im..sorry.. cant stop... laughing.

Faith Hill :

What the hell are you talking about man?

Annalise Braakensiek :

some kind of swamp monster

Ronit Elkabetz :

Your head might grow back but what if there is no neck?What if you go super nova?Then you shall be no more.You are your own mistake if you are a mistake at all.Your parents make your body,a supreme being your soul,but choices are left to you.To be a mistake is to forever make mistakes.

Delphine Pacific :

You're definitely somebody's mistake, and whoever it was should be shot, resurrected, and then stabbed.

Nichole Mercedes Robinson :

Morons make me laugh.

Melissa Elias :


Emmanuelle Beart :

Man you guys are so F***ing mean get a freakn life!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Boisson :

hydra?? HIT IT WHERE IT HURTS!!! HIT IT WHERE IT HURTS!!!! take that hydra!!!!

Blythe Metz :


Jeannine Burch :

You are not a mistake, how can nature be a mistake???? Be yourself, enjoy, we are all unique.

Drum Sheet Music

Joanna Taylor :

Let's say that a person

Gaela Le Devehat :

A nice planter in the front yard.

Deborah Pollitt :

A 400.00 car.

Oana Solomon :

To get you from point A to point B without caring about who thinks your car is ghetto! LOL! You should expect mechanical problems too. But hey, transportation is a great need these days!

Sibylla Kay :

I wouldn't really expect it to run..... if it did, probably just one outing.

Shevonne Durkin :

You didnt mention anything about the car, I'm a mech/tech, I've bought 400 cars worth thousands, but I dont imagine thats your case, I'd buy a cell phone too, if I were you....not nessesarily junk but have someone look at it, make sure your safe

Patch Mackenzie :

Well that will depend on what to expect. What year is it? How many miles does it have? What condition is it in? If you bought it from a good friend and they were helping you out then you will have fun. If you bought it from a stranger and all those questions that needed answered,are not good. Then I would not expect a hole lot from this vehicle.

Ji-won Ha :

depending on the car.

Leslie Slater :

if it has been parked for any length of time:

Alejandra Marin :

-leaks from bad seals

Paula Molina :

-shorts/ blown fuses from deteriated wiring

Cecile Tonizzo :

-brakes from age

Heidi Paine :

-filters needing replaced (oil, air, fuel, etc..)

Ai Mei Wong :

-tune-up (plugs, wires, cap/rotor/coil pacs)

Sarah Laine :

-tires from dry rot.

Tania Velia :

if it was a daily driver mostly just replacing parts like brakes, filters, alternators, pumps, etc... most people postpone minor/major repairs if they think they might sell the car at some point because they don't want to put money into a car they're getting rid of.

Coco Johnsen :

fix the little things like tune-up, filters, and brakes and just bare in mind that it was a $400 car. It won't last forever. I have bought alot of used cars for a couple hundred bucks, put a little money in them, took care of them (regular maintenance), and they lasted me a couple of years and I sold them to someone else. you don't always get that lucky buy i hope you did.

Fine Art Photo

Ami Gearhart :

Can u please give me some names of good love songs

Bernadetta Krzeminska :

sade "by your side"

April Mullen :

stevie wonder "this time when i fall in love with you it will be forever!"

Zoe McLellan :

marc anthony hold u ..

Anne Le Ny :

Pledging My Love by Elvis Presley

Nadine Garner :

Little Moments by Brad Paisley

Carmen du Sautoy :

Hypnotize the Moon by Clay Walker

Jennifer DeLuca :

Cross My Heart by George Strait

Nina Cho :

Not exactly "Classic" but they are awesome songs

Luigina Rocchi :

Open Arms -Journey

Mika Quintard :

Everything - Lifehouse

Heather Juergensen :

Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On"

Tishara Cousino :

Anything Barry White

Lola Baldrich :

Frozen Ghost...Love of My Life

Kim Vithana :

Mandy Moore:Walk me home

Angeline Ball :

Mariah Carey: Maybe You Should me mine

Moe Ishikawa :

Avant: 4 minutes

Laura Catalano :

Ne-Yo:So sick

Andrea Bogart :

Chris Brown:Ain't No Way

Olivia Saint :

Natasha Beddings: Unwritten

Louise Duby :

Keyshia Cole: Love

Barbara Cecka :

Ohhhh my bad yo said classic songs right?

Eva Derrek :

The look of love

Alanna Ubach :

Classic Bacharach

Laetitia Pesenti :

Dusty Springfield's version is my favourite

Corinne Dacla :

Loving you

Lise Danvers :

Minnie Ripperton

Lindsay Bloom :

Amazing vocal gymnastics and bird sounds

Shigeru Muroi :

I'll be Waiting for you- Celine Dion

Bik Wing Chung :

The Power of Love- Celine Dion

Christine Boisson :

Because You Loved ME - Celine Dion

Mary Ann Jarou :

I love You- Celine Dion

Cristiana Reali :

If Walls Could Talk Celine Dion

Moe Ishikawa :

If That's What it takes - Celine Dion

Chasey Lain :

You do something to me, by Paul Weller and the Beautiful South.

Jean Louisa Kelly :

Everyday I love you more, by Racoon.

Emmanuelle Beart :

And of course, the ultimate classic: Loving you, by Minnie Ripperton.

Wendi Winburn :

Hello...Lionel Richie

Nina Garbiras :

Because I love you...Shaken Stevens

Loretta Swit :

Everything I do I do it for you...Bryan Adams

Nancy Kwan :

I'll be right here waiting for you...Richard Marx

Dobrila Cirkovic :

I want to be with you...Mandy Moore

Reiko Asanuma :

The power of love...Air Supply

Kathy Hill :

At Last - Etta James

August Avila :

The Man I Love - Billie Holiday

Naomi Vondell :

Unforgettable - Nat King Cole

Charlotte Ross :

I Love How You Love Me - Bobby Vinton

Jeanine Giovanni :

Yesterday - The Beatles

Maki Nakahara :

Colour My World - Chicago

Veronica Clifford :

You're My Best Friend - Queen

Kim Schraner :

amazed by you- lonestar

Brandy Little :

never gonna let you go- sergio mendes

Giuditta Del Vecchio :

hold on to the nights- richard marx

Darlena Tejeiro :

it must've been love- roxette

Tamara Podemski :

so close to love- wendy moten

Brittany Rollins :

after the love has gone- earth wind and fire

Sheree North :

miss you like crazy- natalie cole

Moe Ishikawa :

without you- nilsson

Kitty Keri :

hard to say i'm sorry- chicago

Loredana Rao :

not really a classic, but the best - Bill Withers - Ain,t No Sunshine

Kirsi Ylijoki :

Air Supply - Two Less Lonely People In The World

Papusha Demitro :

Beatles - Yestarday

Annette OToole :

Astrud Gilberto - Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)

Maria Teresa Tofano :

The Shirelles - Will you love me tomorrow

Natalie Avital :

Blood, Sweat and Tears - I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Glenda McKay :

The Temptations - My Girl

Krista Bridges :

Little Anthony & The Imperials - Tears on my pillow

Jadra Holly :

another new one, but a real golden one

Terrill Maguire :

Lhasa - De cara a la pared

Ellen DeGeneres :

"A thousand years" from "sting" is the best

Allison Slinger :

Pictures of You-The Cure

Michelle McClatchy :

Lovesong-The Cure

Isabelle Vitari :

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep-The Cure

Nancy Vaughn :

Just Like Heaven-The Cure

Ingrid Preynat :

The Cure has the most beautiful, sad love songs of any band I ever heard.

Elizabeth Bellm :

If Walls Could Talk- Celine Dion

Desiree Rios :

I Swear- All-4-One

Amelie Heinen :

Only Hope Mandy Moore

Shelley Bennett :

I Will Always Love you- Dolly Parton

Anna Kim :

Have You Ever- Brandy

Tammy Parks :

How Do I Live- Trisha Yearwood

Margaret Warncke :

How Could An Angel Break My Heart- Toni Braxton

Kim Laurel :

Smile- Nat King Cole

Leila Hashemzadeh :

God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

Renate Blume :

Just Like Heaven - The Cure

Angel Aviles :

Melt With You - Modern English

Sylvia Baker :

if you do decide to go for something a bit newer, try

Mary Castro :

I Want To Know Your Plans - Say Anything

Kalimi Baxter :

Emily - From First to Last

Hedy Burress :

First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes

Melanie Biesemans :

Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Joan Of Ark

Tina Sirignano :

how does sponges live

Nora Tschirner :

Sponges (from Latin porus "pore" and ferre "to bear") are animals of the phylum Porifera. They are primitive, sessile, mostly marine, waterdwelling filter feeders that pump water through their matrix to filter out particulates of food matter. Sponges are among the simplest of animals. With no true tissues (parazoa), they lack muscles, nerves, and internal organs. Their similarity to colonial choanoflagellates shows the probable evolutionary jump from unicellular to multicellular organisms. There are over 5,000 modern species of sponges known, and they can be found attached to surfaces anywhere from the intertidal zone to as deep as 8,500 m (29,000 feet) or further. Though the fossil record of sponges dates back to the Precambrian era, new species are still commonly discovered.

Alice Liu :

The structure of a sponge is simple: it is shaped like a tube, with one end stuck to a rock or other object and an open end, the osculum, open to the environment. The spongocoel, or interior of the sponge, is composed of walls perforated with microscopic pores that allow water to flow through the spongocoel.

Anita Pallenberg :

sponges live by getting oxegen from tha water(and yes that is possible), and eating from tha coral reef...hope it helps!

Past Present Future

Cordelia Wege :

Do you like Led Zeppelin

Jayne Ashbourne :

Yes I do!

Arlette Pacheco :

Don't you?

Myu Watase :

Hell yes

AJ Langer :

simeple answer to that is yes, Stairway to heaven is amazing

Emily Procter :

like? no, love? yes!!!

Griffin Drew :


Thelma Oliver :

Yes, my Dad made sure I knew who they were as part of my musical education.

Jacqueline Peng :


Emmanuelle Beart :

In Through the Outdoor is one of my all-time favorites.

Jane Paterson :

Jimmy Page is the greatest guitarist ever.

Camilla Seberg :

wat kinda freak doesnt????!!!!

Taryn Power :


Sorcha Brooks :


Linda Lay :


Lola Glaudini :

wHY DO you ask?

Kaitlyn Ashley :

you don't?

Anne Guinou :

Zepplin is one of the greatest bands EVER.

Carmen du Sautoy :

kinda. I need to listen to them more and I'll probly like them alot more.

Blake Lively :

Absolutely. Stairway to Heaven is an amazing song. other zepellin songs are great too.

Tara Fitzgerald :

Led Zeppelin is pretty good.Although I would prefer some other group instead of them,But that is just my opinion!! : }

Christina Papamichou :

yeah and my OH does and my 10 month old baby does. My 6 year old seems to have (unfortunately) inherited his dad's musical "taste"

Tanja Fornaro :

i don't like Zeppelin because i never had it or heared of it but i think when i try it i would really like and do you you like

Franziska Arndt :


Isabelle Adjani :

Yep-love that Zep! Do this Google search:

Ai Mei Wong :

type in Genuine Masters, then click on the blue link that says Home (sometimes the link says Genuine Masters in blue-click either way). This takes you to a screen that at the top has a square marked Underground Uprising. This takes you to a site that lists all concerts Zep ever did, those that were taped, and gives info as to those recordings.

Johanna Christine Gehlen :

I'm a collector, and own about EIGHTY CDs of this material (mostly live). Outstanding: "Conquistador" (5-24-75), "Listen To This, Eddie" (6-23-77) and so on.Outstanding

Kang Soo-Yeon :

labels: Empress Valley, Tarantura. Go to music swapmeets (like Pasadena City College in Calif-1st Sun. ea. month) and see what you can find using the info on the Uprising site! Happy hunting.

Marie Baumer :


Ipaq Pocket Pc

Claudia del Valle :

Is Kayne West a loser

Melody Santangello :

well, i just don't like his music, its garbage

Patrizia Webley :


Lynn Lyon :

I agree...but I secretly like one of his songs. ONLY ONE though! :-)

Moe Ishikawa :

no. u are a loser for asking.

Natalie Sutherland :

bush is the loser

Anne Brochet :

Yes I think Kanye West is loser. And I think George Bush doesn't care about anyone. It don't matter what the color of your skin is. If you aren't rich he DOESNT CARE!!!!!!!!

Cristina Umana :

no hes not a loser. hes just stating his opinion.

Arna-Maria Winchester :

Well it is interesting how Bush flocked to help Florida but not New Orleans, and how instead of helping them he sent people to shoot anyone he saw acting out of hand, when they were acting out of hand because no one was there taking initiative to help, so it was everyone for themselves. im so sick of people defending bush it makes me sick. Kanye spoke on what happened, actions speak louder than words, hes not a loser.

Patsy Kensit :

No don't judge other people

Daniela Hoffmann :

He's very full of himself, but I do respect that he made the public statement about Bush, because it's what a lot of America (and the rest of the world) was thinking. His only flaw was that Bush doesn't care about poor people who usually don't vote.

Ai Mei Wong :

yeah ha ha

Emmanuelle Beart :

i ain't sayin she a gold digger,

Bevin Prince :

but kayne west is a crazy nigg*

Suzie MacKenzie :

Kayne West is a all round artist

Malgorzata Socha :

I was really embarrased when he made that statement about New Orleans and Bush,,,,,,,we don't all think that!!!! I don't think he's a loser, he just took freedom of speech a little too far!!!!

Cindy Hopkins :

I think he's ok. And he is not the only rapper who has talked about president bush. There is also Xibit, Eminem, Styles. To name a few. In my own opinion I don't think that the president cares about black people.

Camille Japy :

He makes decent music. Yet he may have made a narrow minded statement. What he should have said is that Bush doesn't care about poor people, or even the middle class for that matter-since he is wiping it out.

Nina Hoss :

He's let his fame go to his head. He also made a statement comparing himself to Jesus Christ because of the trials and tribulations in his life.

Loletta Lee :

Not in the least, the guys rich beyond comparison so even if the whole world thinks he's a loser, he still wins in his own mind.

Rachel Ticotin :

I thought that was a little extreme on his part to say that. Though I don't personally care for his music, I have friends who do so I can't say that he is without some form of talent. The thing that I found most offensive that he has done is his cover of Rolling Stone magazine in which he wore the crown of thorns for a "Passion" pose. Whether or not he himself came up with that idea I can't say, but he made the final decision to pose like that. It just seemed kind of disrespectful.

Marisol Membrillo :

No, he's one of the greatest producers out there. You can't judge him based on how he feels about the President, even though it's true :o)

Cyn Dulay :

I can tell what color you are just by the question and your replies. I LOVE KANYE WEST! He speaks the truth especially about the Bush statement. He just said what everone else is scared to say. He is a very talented and tell-it-like-it-is individual. I too am a Chicagoan and an African American.

Mira Bartuschek :

I don't like Kayne, but Bush did react ridiculously slowly to the New Orleans crisis don't you think? I remember watching the news and they kept reporting Bush was on vacation and would be there soon to deal with it. It was pitiful. I agree with Kanye, Bush is a racist bastard but I think if it had any other city ie. New York the same shit would have gone down. Look at 9/11. He was reading to kindergarten students while the world around him was in chaos. Basically he doesn't make good decisions when it comes to any crisis New Orleans included.

Nicole Ansari :

YES HE IS!! And for the person who said Bush is a loser, get a life. He is the president show some respect and besides is isn't getting out of office yet! Kanye seems like he is trying to do everything for show. He's not great, hopefully he will be forgotten. He's cocky and I don't know why! when he doesn't when an award he starts complaining and whining. Its like be a man and congratulate the person who did win. He is an un-educated man and he makes black people look bad! and the sad part is his mother is a college professor.

Shirley Jo Finney :


Beaufort South Carolina

Rosana Pastor :

My son likes skeletons and things that scare him Is he gonna like Marylin Manson too

Susanne Sutchy :

Only if you live more than 50 miles away from a major city.

Susan Blakely :

Is Marylin Manson scary? I thought he was a self-absorbed Alice Cooper wantabee.

Sheila Zane :

maybe maybe not... i grew up watching horror movies and playing flashlight tag in cemetaries.. i grew up perfectly well adjusted. who cares if he does? music is just that...its not something to concern yourself with

Charlene Smith :

Maybe. Many kids think monster movies are cool. Maybe your son will grow up to be a computer programmer (or some other nerdish occupation). Imagination is a good thing.

Kaitlin Hopkins :

Maybe he just wanted to scare himself like watching a horror movie or something like that.

Aurelia Petit :

nah...don't make a big deal out of it, it's a phase. my one daughter was into that for a while, she out grew it. MM went to kent state, which is near my town, so all the kids out here idolize him!

Dominique Laurent :

Not if he has any taste.

Chona Jason :

...or if he's older than the age of 12.

Jessey Meng :

Not necessarily. But, what's the big deal if he does? It's just music, really. I grew up on horror movies, Steven King, Clive Barker and King Diamond and I'm a reasonably well-adjusted person with a college degree. I also happen to like Marilyn Manson's music. There's nothing to get upset about unless the kid is doing drugs or something like that.

Victoria Nesbitt :

i did but there isnt any problem wit MM hes awesome i grew up liking to be freaked out and im doin well in school but thats like his problem parents shouldnt start 2 worry until you found like drugs or somethin in his room or cuts on him

Kathleen Robertson :

My son is into scary things and dislikes M.M (never liked that type of music)Thing is, I like M.M and my son thinks that is strange.I look at M.M as this generations Alice Cooper ~ it is all a gimmick.Glam /Goth what ever.

Mai Kitajima :

As long as your child is well balanced in school, is not in trouble with the law in anyway, is able to communicate with about anything and has goals for his future ( know that you support him 2000%) I don't think scary movies and such will will effect him.

Olivia Brunaux :

So what if he does? Music is a deeply personal thing, and your son will make choices in his life (musically and otherwise) that you will disagree with. The important thing is to steer him away from the truly harmful things, like drugs and alcohol, and let him find his own way on things like music and hobbies. If you try to force him to change minor things you disagree with, you'll have no leverage if he really needs your help.

Fun In Bed

Jennifer MacDonald :

what are the lyrics to the new Tool song "Rosetta Stoned"

Nelly Moreno :

Kareen Schroter :

Alright then,

Susan Floyd :

Picture this if you will

Joanne Nail :

10 to 2AM and actually heating up

Anastasia Barzee :

The old box of Krispy Kremes at my

Antonietta Bonomi :

Need-to-know post just outside of

Alma Delfina :

Area 51 contemplating the whole

Laurence Cote :

"Chosen people" thing but just then

Pauline Knof :

A flaming stealth banana split the

Laloni :

Sky,like, wide open never really

Clara Rainbow :

Expect to see it in a place like this

Jenna :

I think, I think, I'm gonna gonna

Louise English :

Die but something right inside my

Gabriela Skrabakova :

Birkenstocks began fuming

Jana Thompson :

Holy fucking shit...

Ingerid Vardund :

(holy fucking shit..)(x4)

Tomomi Miyashita :

Then the x-files beings who were like

Birke Tan :

Some kind of blue-grey Jackie Chan

Claudia Marsani :

With Isabella Rossellini lips and breath that reeked

Lauren Lee Smith :

And they're wicked-shot terrorists all by making the sound

Belinda Meuldijk :


Yan Nam :

So when I opened up my bug eyes, my gaping jaw and my..

Lauren German :

Sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip and all I could think was...

Henriette Muller :

I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice that I pissed my fuckin pants

Corinne Dacla :

So alive in this way

Krista Stadler :

Like an apparition

Judy Stevenson :

And you had me crying out

Lucy Akhurst :

Fuck me

Anuk Ens :

It's gotta be

Terri Copeland :

Deadhead chemistry

Lavinia Wilson :

The bottom covering the top of me.

Karen Boyer :

It's got me seeing E motherfucking T.

Hellen Landau :

And after calming me down with some

Pauline Foulon :

Orange slices and some fetal spooning

Claudia Harrison :

ET revealed to me his singular purpose

Lynda Boyd :

He said,"You are the chosen one.

Ai Mei Wong :

The one who'll deliver the message.

Misty Mundae :

A message of hope for those who choose to hear it,

Joan Goodfellow :

And a warning for those who do not."

Jacqueline Arenal :

Me, the chosen one.

Barbora Bobulova :

They chose me

Carissa Rosario :

And I didn't even graduate from fucking high school.

Monica Monet :

You'd better...

Missy Warner :

You'd better...

Tamara Davies :

You'd better...

Marion Ley :

You'd better listen.

Carmen du Sautoy :

Then he looked right through me

Iben Hjejle :

With somniferous almond eyes

Julia Dietze :

Don't even know what that means

Amber Lea Weston :

Must remember to write it down

Patsy Kensit :

This is surreal

Youki Kudoh :

Like the time they floated away

Morgane Maugran :

See, my heart is burning

Simone Muterthies :

Cause this shit never happens to me

Annette Badland :

Can't breathe right now

Denise Du Vall :

It was so real,

Heather Tom :

Like I woke up in Wonderland

Vahina Giocante :

Also a bit terrifying

Tracy Zahoryin :

I don't want to be all alone

Renee Coleman :

When I tell this story

Rosemarie Lindt :

And can anyone tell me why

Donna Sutter :

It was a repeat experience

Jacqueline Elber :

Will I ever be coming down?

Moe Ishikawa :

This is so real

Courtney Love :

Finally, it's my lucky day

Janet Julian :

See my heart is racing

Linda Regan :

'Cause this shit never happens to me

Mia Zifkin :

I can't breathe right now

Katie Chesters :

You believe me don't you?

Susanna Simon :

Please believe what I just said

Violette Palcossian :

See them telling children

Katherine Bailess :

And this wasn't all in my head

Christine Boisson :

See they took a hold of my hand

Lisbeth Zachrisson :

And invited me right in

Annette Culp :

Then they showed me something

Crystal Lowe :

I don't even know where to begin

Martine Shandles :

Strapped down to my bed

Samantha Mudd :

Feet cold and eyes red

Karin Schubert :

I'm out my head.

Insa Magdalena Steinhaus :

Am I alive? Or'm I dead?

Laura Breckenridge :

Can't remember what they said

Patsy Kensit :


Michaela Stoicov :

Shit the bed

Vanessa Sadler :

Overwhelmed as one would be

Geno Lechner :

Placed in my position

Frances McDormand :

Such a heavy burden now to be the one

Pier Angeli :

Born to bear and read you all

Rona Waddington :

The details of our ending

Emma Adele Galvin :

To write it down for all the world to see

Lavinia Wilson :

But I forgot my pen

Estibaliz Gabilondo :

Shit the bed again

Moe Ishikawa :


Gunargie OSullivan :

Strapped down to my bed

Jennifer Aspen :

Feet cold and eyes red

Katharine Towne :

I'm out of my head

Lynley Swain :

Am I alive or'm I dead?

Audrey Benoit :

Sunkist and sudafed

Michelle Rodriguez :

Gyroscopes and infrared

Pinar Erincin :

Won't help the braindead

Caroline Beil :

Can't remember what they said

Frederique Le Calvez :


Cindy Pena :

Shit the bed

Angela Gibbs :

I can't remember what they said to me

Claudia Demarmels :

Can?t remember what they said to

Catalina Larranaga :

Make me out to be a hero

Rachel Weisz :

Can't remember what he said

Yan Nam :

Mom, help me

Mallory Campbell :

Can?t remember what he said

Julie Kavner :

Don't know

Ioanna Pappa :

Won't know...

Sara Lina Brown :

Goddamn, shit the bed

Toyota Celica Gt

Carla Harvey :

What is the best album ever

Kimberly Stevens :

That Nirvana Disk with the swimming baby....I played it over and over. Same with Pearl Jam Ten. Every tune was good.

Sharqui Sanders :

Any bon jovi

Celine Bonnier :

Meteora is.

Lesley Manville :

Pink FLoyd's "The Wall". Though I like Abbey Road too

Sandy Richman :

New Gold Dream

Jane Lako :

queen 2 by queen

Delphine Riviere :


Kelly Monaco :

Carlos Santana- "Supernatural". That man can really play a guitar!

Astrid Meyerfeldt :

james brown's greatest hits

Kristen McMenamy :

Allman Brothers: Fillmore East

Susan Brodrick :

Tenacious D - self titled album

Yumeko Sasaki :

Jack Black and Kyle Gass rock the house brother! It's levitation holmes!

Helen Baxendale :


Sylvie Olivier :


Ai Mei Wong :


Mam Smith :


Heather Morgan :


Cristina Marcos :

In my OWN opinion, i'd have to say "Blizzard Of Ozz!!" Ozzy's first solo album! The riffs of randy rhoads and the lyrics r 2 sweet! But that's just me.

Jose Way :

Westlife - unbreakable i love the ablum

Shannon Sharpe :

abbey road was probably the beatles best and as the beatles were the best you may be right.

Natsue Yoshimura :

for a 'live album' i love "four way street' by crosby,stills,nash and young.

Sonia Mankai :

a more recent excellent album is KD Lang's 'hymns of the 49th parallel'

Deborah Grant :

dog,man,star by suede (the london suede here in the u.s.)- check it out.

Mary Mara :

Metallica (black album). Not so much for the musical intuition of the band, but for the feeling that bursts out of this album.It rocks you and send you to spheres of heavy delight!!!

Patsy Kensit :

"A Change of Seasons" by Dream Theater

Sirpa Lane :

Eagles, Hotel California

Emmanuelle Beart :

Europe> Wings Of Tomorrow

Eva Morales :

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles

Robin Sydney :


Lizzie Brochere :

1) It has so many styles of songs (showing their versatility) without losing unity.

Alexa Maria Surholt :

2) A Day In The Life (one of the most innovative and creative Beatles songs)

Meera Syal :

3) One of the earliest and greatest examples of the "concept album"

Bo Derek :

4) Great album cover (so many famous people!)

Alexandra Morgan :

5) It is often cited as the most influential rock album of all time by prominent critics and publications.

Antoinette Maynard :

6) Innovative in every sense, from structure to recording techniques to the cover artwork

Debra Sandlund :

7) Many great songs: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, With A Little Help From My Friends, the title song, etc.

Anzhelika Nevolina :

It is the best album, but it is not my favorite. I like Abbey Road better in fact, but I would have to objectively say that Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the best album ever.

Julie Strain :

Led Zeppelin IV.

Alice Taglioni :

It has amazing songs in all tracks.

Mittie Lawrence :

It has the greatest song of all rock "Stairway to Heaven"

Nicole Kidman :

And it's got the perfect balance of hard rock, blues, heavy metal and folk.

Danai Skiadi :

Probably the greatest rock album

Ai Mei Wong :


Nele Bauwens :

Come on man...How do u want me to name 1!

Corinne Dacla :

Dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd

Lara-Joy Korner :

The Black Album - Metallica

Kathryn Zenna :

and definately

Tawny Garrison :

Appetite for Destruction

Astrid Combes :

Dark Side of the Moon, or maybe Graceland

Printer Ink Refill

Anne Heywood :

Give the other name of Sean Comb

Jeramie Rain :

P Diddy

Daniela Nane :

J-Lo Stalker

Faina Vitebsky :

Diddy, Puffy!!!

Blake Lindsley :

P-diddy, Diddy, P, Puff Daddy, Puff, Sean "P-diddy" Combs, Sean John Combs.

Carla Harvey :

To Brozink: why would you call him an idiot with too much money. What has he done that was so idiotic? would you call Trump an idiot with too much money, Ben stiller or Bill Gates? No, this man is good at what he does. He made all of his money the legal way and does it well. He has a record label, Nice cologne, and a booming Fashion line. And you are???? My point exactly.

Marla Sucharetza :

f**king idiot with to much money

Sunset Thomas :

Puff Daddy

Yolanda Hughes-Heying :

puff Daddy aka Pdiddy

Sue Bond :

Puff diddy puff daddy P.daddy p.diddy

Alice Davis :

Wannabe with to much time and money

Dana Maiello :

that guy who pays 130k a month to some lady for child support

Leslee Bremmer :

Puff Daddy, Puffy, P Diddy and Diddy

Rosamund Pike :

formally puff daddy,now p diddy

Alexandra Tydings :

Sean "Puffy" Combs. A talented singer who cannot decide what his names is or should be. I personally think he is having a permanent identity crisis, or multiple personalities.

Dominique Journet :

puff daddy

Shungiku Uchida :

Sean 'Puffy' Combs. Puff Daddy or P diddy, or diddy, fairly talented, but I wouldn't go crazy ova tha guy.

Biweekly Mortgage Calculator

Carole Bouquet :

Why does Kanye West think so highly of himself Do you think he belongs in the Bible He seems to think so

Laetitia Casta :

He is arrogant and will get what he deserves. Honestly he has no talent outside of producing his rhymes are whack.

Maria Lucia Dahl :

Well i don't even know who he i guess he ain't as great as he thinks he is. Sounds like a wanker to me.

Rochelle Swanson :

I think he is a Dumba**

Stina Ekblad :

I think he's a simple-minded idiot, personally.

Izzy Kunkle :

someone already asked this question like a week ago and i answered it then. since i don't feel like typing all the reason i hate him again i'll just tell you that he is crazy n*gg* and i hate him.

Pinky Cheung :

i feel like saying more now so here goes. he is a mediocre producer and as a rapper he sucks because he always says each rhyme the same way (if you listen to just two songs you'll know what i'm talking about). i want to personally beat the air out of his head. he hasn't changed anything about the rap game and i don't wanna hear him say that sh*t again. i hate, loathe, and detest kanye west!

Margareta Sjodin :

It is very simple to see why he would think this. HE'S F**KING RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he would be in the new bible, if there is gonna be one. He would be in there as a a**hole who is far too f**king cocky for his own good.

Madeira Turner :

he sucks.

Patsy Kensit :

also the stuff he says about the president and how bush doesn't care about black people or whatever? thats so stupid!

Madeleine Collinson :

he is very egotistical, no worries he will get knock off his high hill soon. everyone agrees he sucks. i will be very surprised if you get any answers back that tell you different

Yan Nam :

I didn't think it was possible but I think his parents let him get a little too full of himself. He has a just a tad bit too much self-confidence. Normally it would be a good thing but in his case it seems too much. He's a dork but he kinda had a good point about G. Dubya and New Orleans. He just shouldn't have said it the way he did or where he did it!

Angel Boris :

Kanye West is a legend but he is a bit over confident and cocky. His success has lead him to believe he is "special"

Mary Deno :

I don't know, but I do know if he pays the catholic church enough money they can and will write him into the bible, They have been altering it for thousands of years, why stop now?

Catherine Erhardt :

He is full of it.... I guess he thinks he is bigger than the beattles as they were bigger than jesus... :-)

Julia Brendler :

I can not stand him or his music. It is absolutley ridiculous that he thinks so highly of himself. What history has he made? None that I know.

Cynthia Baker :


Lisa Gibbons :

Many people live in their own heads. Perhaps to himself, he feels that he has made a difference, while another person might not know who he is.

Bik Wing Chung :

Don't worry yourself over these insignificant questions. When he's 40 years old and nobody remembers his name, he'll realize a truth.

Thuy An Luu :

Kanye West is a jerk who should have been chastized for his comments against President Bush at the Hurricane Katrina benefit. Mike Myers was appualed as should everyone else be. His history will fade much like that of the Micheal Jackson legacy and now the Tom Cruise legacy that has been shunted because he can't keep his stupid mouth shut. Cruise never even graduated high school. None of these people should be allowed to read the Bible.

Jacki Piper :

Obviously you guys don't know what you're talking about. You people either do not listen to hip hop altogether, or you listen to rock or country or something like that. I can easily ask the same question about Marilyn Manson, but because there are actually people out there that listen to his "music," he must be saying the right things. Kanye is NOT for the closed minded, and if you're not into that kind of music to begin with, then you'd be better off keeping your damn mouths shut.

Agathe De La Boulaye :

when a person has been thru some type of trauma, or near death experience, it makes you realize that theres a GOD that loves you and cares about you and he wants you to give him praise,and glory so kayne does it thru his music, because GOD is everything and without him we our non existed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Low :

I hate Kanye West, and I hate his music. He is nowhere as good as he says he is. He doesn't sound much different from all the other popular hip-hop artists out there today.

Stephanie Sherrin :

Since when is Kanye West a legend? He has no talent. And Manson does not think of himself as a legend or anything along those lines. He has stated many times that he is a performer.

Buy Ambien Online

Susanne Hoss :

have you ever done this

Corinne Dacla :


Lynda Mason Green :

first of all, your avatar makes you look like "some black."

Vika Zinchenko :

second, i can't believe how racists people are on here?! where do you live?

Jennifer Walcott :

I would turn it up louder.

Bobbi Van Eman :

i haven't, mainly cause i haven't got a driver's liscence, much less a car. ^.^

Alice Davis :

I agree with gypsy. And, nope, that's never happened to me.

Sandra Wey :

well if they was giving me a "dirty crazed look" i'd probably turn it down...but i'd also turn it down to anyone who did as it would also be curtious to them

Joleigh Fioreavanti :

turn music down... if i want to turn my music really loud.. i will do it in my house... in the car, make sure your windows is all closed..

Maryel Ferraud :

it just having some respect to our surrounding community.. we live in one society.. so, we should have respect others..

Layla Roberts :

okay?? =)

Gina Peluso :

Don't really have that problem in Western Australia.No one here really cares what music you rock to in the car regardless of race.

Stephanie Lawlor :

Don't turn it down that makes you seem like a wimp so if they stare at you turn it up louder and start dancing for them and show them how weird you could be.

Ann Magnuson :

Plus it's your taste of muisic so don't care what other people think.

Reiko Ike :

Well i don't think you should stare at him/ can just close the windows and listen to it......I don't know whether this has to do with racism.......Therefore if you are listening to your favorite song.....just close your car windows....and rock while listening

Malinda Williams :

i'm white and i listen to rap. last night i was driving home late and had a rap song blasting "had the moon roof open " so everyone around me herd it. this car with black girls pulls up next to me. usually i turn it down for some reason when anyone pulls up next to me. this time i didnt.. well next thing i know they were rocking out to what was playing on MY car sterio

Corey Chang :

I just give them a very big smile and keep on singing along to my loud music babe !! even better if you have your shades on ;O)

Sharon Gurney :

Just do your own thing don't worry about what anyone else is thinking and you will be just fine.

Melina Petriela :

Well this happens to me. I am rocking out with some metal or hard rock singing a long. then someone drives up and give you a look. So i don't turn it down i turn it up. Look at them and smile as rock and metal is the best music in the world and should not be turn down and if people don't like it they can f)uck off.

Marianne Anska :

yeah I've done that too. I don't know why I'd get embarrassed. It's not like I'd ever see the people sitting in the car next to me ever again

Olivia Bonamy :

It's hot in here but it's lovely so we rather open windows instead of turning the fan on.

Susan Griffiths :

So I listen 2 Melodic Death Metal music while my car's windows are open.

Madeira Turner :

It was such an uncomfortable condition @ the begining cuz everyone was loOking @ me but after a while I got use 2 it & u know what?... I totally ignore them & if they don't like it,they can just close their windows >:)

Alicia Silverstone :

So enjoy urself buddy & don't care about what the hell they are thinking about u.

Petra Scharbach :


Tomomi Asano :

I agree with mbstokes2003. Ppl in Japan are too polite for that, but if one ever did then I would absolutely crank up the volume!

Alejandra Marin :

I don't turn it down. I don't give them a second look. I look everywhere else, but mainly pay attention to the traffic signals and the road I'm driving on as not to be distracted by other drivers.

Anneka Svenska :

turn it up louder and then give them the finger.

Prepaid Cellular Phone

Svenja Beneke :

out of rap or rock- which do you prefer

Nancye Ferguson :


Lena Yada :

Rock. Hip-hop is silly.

Michelle Zeitlin :

Well, if you give those two options, I'm gonna have to go with rap.

Sheila White :


Carla Harvey :

oh that's a hard question. I love them both, but probably rock more than rap.

Clara Rainbow :

Rock...remember, u cant spell crap withount rap :)

Mayte Garcia :

ROCK expecially punk

Colette Emmanuelle :

Rock music...rap has been done to death..I don't know why people keep buying it...

Ely Pouget :

Take one of three different computer generated back beats...and talk over it....Do it 9 times..and you have a rap album....

Dita Von Teese :

I just don't see how this genre continues...

Angel Tompkins :


Linda Scruggs :

rock..some rap is okay if it has a different beat and none of that uptempo jamaican bbq I hate it when rap artists use old songs in their new beats and lyrics (ex: Crazy train, mr.lonely and many many more)

Olga Talyn :


Carrie Jones :

i dont even kno y pplz still like rap

Marie-Luise Schramm :

it sux my sox off!!!!!!

Merle Michaels :

Definitely rock (mainstream, alternative, indie, Christian).

Kristina Louise Apgar :

I don't like rap unless it's Christian, it has better lyrics and messages. Here are some good Christian rap artists: Tobymac, John Reuben, Gritz, Gospel Gangstaz, & Cross Movement.

Whitney Weston :


Cayle Chernin :


Jane Longenecker :


Emmanuelle Beart :

c + rap = crap

Yan Nam :

(the c is silent when refering to the "music" and is commonly misspelt because of that)

Leslie Huntly :

Old school on both.

Alejandra Marin :


Clelia Colonna :

Rap is way better than rock

Natalie Lennox :

Both!! bcos of RATM... they mix rap, rock and metal in the best possible way. too bad they r gone now... BUT THE MUSIC STAYS ALIVE !!

Blue Water Casino

Susan McIver :

what is a real number

Carol Warren :

1 4 U 2 4 ME

Evan Rachel Wood :

Any number not including the imaginary number 'i' meaning the square root of negative unreal number.

Cece Tsou :

Why you dial the wrong one, you will be looking for it !

Bik Wing Chung :

22, well thats all i got.

Katya Santos :

I could be wrong, but I think it's all numbers except numbers such as 3i

Maria Satsuki :

a real number is zero. why? because it represents the amount of people who are perfect.

Fionnula Flanagan :

real number is any number except numbers that is imaginary numbers (such as the square root of -4).

Tomoko Mayama :

It is all numbers minus the imaginary numbers.

Aurore Aleman :

So it is the rational numbers plus the irrational numbers.

Moira Brooker :

Rational numbers are any number of the form a/b where both are integers.

Edita Uzaite :

imaginary numbers are any real number times i (sqrt(-1))

Lavinia Wilson :

irrational numbers have an infinity nonrepeating decimal expantion

Maura Tierney :

A far as i know there are natural,counting,integers and so many other. This is my first time of hearing 'real number'. But i think that i would try.A Real number is anything or sign that has been accepted nationwide as a number.

Silvia Dionisio :

Basically, a real number is one that can be represented by a decimal expansion. So 2/3=.666... is a real number, as is pi=3.14159... The expansion does not have to be periodic, although it may be (in which case the number is a rational number).

Alejandra Marin :

Technically, a real number is either a Dedekind cut of the rationals (ask about this if you are interested) or an equivalence class of Cauchy sequences of rationals (ask if you are interested). Both of these definitions give equivalent structures.

Monique Demers :


Elizabeth Berkley :


Antonia Re :


Neve Campbell :


Maggie McOmie :


Ambre Lake :


Diana Pang :


Pui Fan Lee :


Donatella Finocchiaro :


Brigitte Petit :


Bik Wing Chung :


Erin Daniels :

a real number is an element of a complete ordered field...

Christine Boisson :

all number in the universe. It is a combination of the natural, whole, rational, irrational, and the integers.

Crippy Yocardo :

does that mean that every complete ordered field is isomorphic to the real number line?

Ruth Gemmell :

A real number is a number on the number line. Numbers which are not real do not lie on the real number line.^_^

House Of Fraser

Kirsten Ashley :

Is there one answer that people seem to give you, no matter what the question is

Gay Rowan :


Moe Ishikawa :


Africa Pratt :

Big Bucking Chicken!

Cristina Marsillach :

I haven't ever asked a question, but I see "thanks for the two points" a lot for answers.

Allison Louise Downe :

I've also seen answers like "you're a freak" quite frequently. People can be so cruel.

Angela Finocchiaro :

I think your avatar is artsy and cool, by the way.

Alexis Bledel :

i actually like things that are kinda scary...i was given a clown doll from my cousin because she got it from someone and she found it frightening. i loved it...but i lost it. Dammit!! :P

Rie Saotome :

I get a "get a life" response every now and then but that is about it.

Vida Garman :

BTW you avatar is so scary I almost wet my pants ;-)

Jana Bellan :

I think your avatar is great. It's very different, a beautiful color, and easy to find in a column of others. The only one I liked better is Schlitzie's. It's just so homely and sweet.

Moe Ishikawa :

(I'm a "Freaks" movie fan...)

Kaitlin Hopkins :

Grow up, Lol , Reported, You are pathetic, youre sick, get a life all crop up frequently.

Kirsten Block :

I wanna be you Chicken Boy.

Lisa Lipps :

"Oh my God, are you serious?" or something along those lines. Then they will proceed to give me a serious answer.

Claude Jade :

For my efforts of trying to get a running category going, I ask a lot of running questions. I get "I hate to run." That is okay, I understand that, the one that crusted my panties was, running isn't a sport, it's a hobby.

Escape From New York

Susan Holmes :

who sang the popular winchester cathedral song of the 60's

Danielle Hampton :

The New Vaudeville Band had a version later than the '60's.

Helene Vincent :

It was the New Vaudeville Band

Shannon Whirry :

The New Vaudeville Band was a group created by songwriter Geoff Stephens in 1966 to record his novelty composition "Winchester Cathedral" which was a song inspired by the dance bands of the 1920s. To his surprise, the song became a huge international hit, rising to #1 in the United States.

Anke Syring :

Once Stephens received several requests for The New Vaudeville Band to tour, he had to put together a group since the song was originally recorded by studio musicians hired only for the recording session. He contacted a real group, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, which played similar music at the time. Only Bob Kerr from that group was interested, so he left The Bonzos to help Stephens form a touring version of The New Vaudeville Band. The lead singer of the touring version of the group was Alan Klein who was billed as 'Tristram?Seventh Earl Of Cricklewood'. The group enjoyed success for two years until the novelty wore off. Kerr then formed his own group, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band, which continues to perform today.

Ewa Carson :

In 1967, The New Vaudeville Band released the seminal Finchley Central LP.

Cintia Cruz :

Was'nt it a singer with a unique twang in his voice and sounded like he was singing through a Mega-phone? Rudy Valee, I believe was his name. Very odd and nostalgic song.

Soft Contact Lens

Leticia Huijara :


Amelie Heinen :

suite life

Page Hannah :

thats so raven

Corinne Dacla :

life w/ derek

Saki Kagami :

american dragon

Susanne Hoss :

gilmore girls

Elke Neidhart :

grounded for life

Ana Luisa Peluffo :

6. full house-none of the rest!

Kari Ann Peniche :

1. Suite Life of Zach and Cody (I'm a boy and Hannah Montana is gay.)

Megan Ward :

2. That's So Raven (Its funny.)

Stacy Haiduk :

3. Life with Derek (I barely watch both of them.)

Pam St Clement :

4. American Dragon (It has a Asian background, Im asian, and its cool.)

Marie-Christine Deshayes :

5. None (I dont watch any of them.)

Lynda Bellingham :

6. Full House (It is funny and has real-life problems.)

Lucy Gallardo :

1. hannah

Isabelle Gelinas :

2. phil

Charlotte Randle :

3. sadie

Silvie Gerold :

4. emperors

Kim Scolari :

5. 7th heaven

Lois Chiles :

6. -------------

Penny Brahms :

1~suite life

Chantal Delsaux :

2~thats so raven

Jenne :

3~naturally sadie

Keri Windsor :

4~american dragon althogh i hate them both

Maureen McCormick :

5~gilmore gurrls

Liane Bonig :

6~i love them both!!!

Margaret Markov :

1. hannah montana

Cindy Hopkins :

2. thats so raven

Shannon Lee Brown :

3. naturally sadie

Peaches Chapman :

4. american dragon

Patrizia Pellegrino :

5. gilmore girls

Christine Boisson :

6. grounded 4 life

Gaelle Comparat :

Sorry don't watch any of those

Cindy Margolis :

Thanx for the deuce

Stephanie Leonidas :

1)suiet life 2)both 3)naturally Sadie 4)both 5)7th heaven 6)full house

Maria Kooistra :


Melissa Gilbert :


Anya Longwell :


Corinne Dacla :


Elizabeth Alvarez :


Jess Walton :


Amanda Ooms :

1.) so hannah montana baby!!

Samantha Morton :

2.)thats so raven owns phil whata whata

Laura Johnson :

3.)life with derek is ok

Sylvie Nordheim :

4.)neither i dislike both

Joanne Nail :

5.) gilmore girls!!

Tracie Savage :

6.) FULL HOUSE!!!! : ) have a nice day!!

Bik Wing Chung :

1. suite life

Vonetta McGee :

2.that's so raven

Alexandra Day :

3.american dragon

Ese Brume :

4.7th heaven

Rada Rassimov :

5.full house

Janelle Perry :


Pastora Vega :

1. suite life 2. that's so raven 3. naturally sadie 4. american dragon 5. 7th heaven 6. full house

Patricia Fulton :

1. neither

Jacquie Banan :

2. neither

Clara Rainbow :

3. neither

Hijiri Kojima :

4. neither

Kim Schraner :

5. neither

Tina Sainz :

6. Full House

Pam Ward :

1. Suite Life

Delphine Rollin :

2. Thats So Raven

Victoria Longley :

3. Naturally Sadie

Rita Coolidge :

4. American Dragon

Cecilia Pezet :

5. Gilmore Girls

Anne Saxon :

6. Grounded For Life

Beth Riesgraf :

1. suite life

Erin Chandler :

2. phil of the future

Amy Brentano :

3. naturally sadie

Coco Brown :

4. emperors new school

Natascia Paolucci :

5. gilmore girls

Maribel Oporto :

6. full house

Chiara Caselli :

1. Suite Life

Lavinia Wilson :

2. That's so Raven

Maria Ford :

3. I haven't seen either

Debbie Nassar :

4. I haven't seen either

Juliette Mills :

5. Gilmore Girls

Shannon Case :

6. Grounded for life

Patsy Kensit :

1- Hannah Montana

Marie-Luise Schramm :

2- Thats so Raven

Fumi Mahha :

3- Naturally Sadie

Candice Rialson :

4- Emperors new School

Krista Morin :


Chai Lee :


Karen Mayo-Chandler :

1. hannah montana

Margaret Whitton :

2. phil of the future

Rita Russek :

3. life w/ derek

Petronella :

4. emperor's new school

Laura Bayonas :

5. gilmore girls

Melanie Kilburn :

6. full house

Stacey Dash :

1. both

Susanne Sutchy :

2. Phil of the Future

Concha Velasco :

3. Life with Derek

Agneta Eckemyr :

4. neither

Jody Frank :

5. 7th Heaven

Michelle Collins :

6. Full House

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Ai Mei Wong :

What is your favourite piece of music based on a mode of transport

Adriana Butoi :

Landing in London by Three Doors Down (plane)

Sandra Huller :

Got to be "Magic Bus" or "Magic Carpet Ride"

Isnel Da Silveira :

'Drive My Car' - Beatles

Sonja Kirchberger :

'Teenage Wasteland' By The Who!

Jude Mussetter :

"I Drove All Night", Cyndi Lauper

Tromelissa Saytar :


Shirley Stelfox :

"Cars", Gary Neuman

Louise Salter :


Marie Denarnaud :

"Life Is a Highway", Tom Cochraine

Eva Derrek :


Corinne Dacla :

"Aeroplane", Red Hot Chili Peppers

Anita Alvarado :


Rachel Rotten :

"Little Red Corvette", Prince

Aurelie Verillon :


Sarah Nicholson :

"Yellow Submarine", The Beatles

Rebecca Cormier :

Just to name a few ;)

Maria Ford :

leaving on a jet plane by peter paul and mary

Lauren German :

Another One Rides the Bus- Weird Al Yankovic. Done to th music of Another Bites the dust by Queen.

Freya Stafford :

crazy train-no freakin' way. Um, let'see's.Why must you make me think? Locomotive breath?naaaah.Highway to hell?hell no.Pink cadillac?maybe. I know !Fly like an eagle!!!!!Wait!Rocket man or Space Oddity.

Ariel Kiley :

Newt,I give up.WAIT!!!!!!

Sophie Rogall :

the wheels on the bus go round and round,round and round, roundand round all through the town

Anna Kim :

"She Loves My Automobile" - ZZ Top

Sydney A Blake :

oh, but then there's: "Car Song" - Elastica

Dianne Hull :

oo, and "No Particular Place to Go" - Chuck Berry

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